Gratitude Rocks Update February 2013

1 Mar

Hey Gratitude Rockers

Thank you so much for being a part of this amazing project. I hope that you got something from it, I know I did.  There have been no reported gratitude rock moves now for some months so I have decided to acknowledge that this project is complete.

Bless you all for your love, support and involvement.

May every day of your life be filled with things, people and moments to be very grateful for.

With a huge hug, love and gratitude

Leiza x


Gratitude Rocks Update January 2013

31 Jan

Hey Gratitude Rockers

Happy New Year everyone.  If you haven’t already, its time to count your blessings for all the good things that happened in 2012.  What a wonderful platform to launch us into 2013 and rumble us out of any January blues.  Today I’ve been reminded of how the thing that seems to be the worst thing is actually, really the perfect thing; a blessing – I just need to get present to and receive the gift!  Remember feeling grateful is a fabulous way to lift our mood, no matter what is happening in our world.

There is a brilliant gratitude process in The Magic by Rhonda Byrne which I highly recommend.

  The Magic – click the link to purchase this very special book on-line.

No reported gratitude rock movements in January.  If you know someone who is finding it hard to say ‘goodbye’ to their gratitude rock, then please feel free to give them a ‘nudge’.  Remind them its in the giving and receiving where ‘the magic’ takes place.

Love to you all and thank you for being a part of the 100 gratitude rocks project.

Yours gratefully



Gratitude Rocks Update December 2012

31 Dec

Hey Gratitude Rockers, here is your ‘100 Gratitude Rocks’ update for December 2012.  No reported rock movements this month so instead another opportunity for me to reflect on and talk about all the things I am incredibly grateful for in 2012.

For me, this year has been a year of highs and lows.  Running the London Marathon in April was an amazing journey, painful yet heart opening with so much support from spectators, including my mum, who was there in my worst moment, when I was thinking I would have to quit.  Later this year, I lost my mum unexpectedly in an accident – an obvious low point, yet so grateful for the love we shared and the spectacular send off that then took place, celebrating her life and showing me and my family how much my mum had given to so many in her short life time.  A real wake up call for me to be in action and create the ‘life I love’.  Thank you mum for all that you have given me.  With this new ‘get on with it’ attitude, I am very grateful and proud that this year I have also started up a new clinic with the incredible support of friends, family and patients who have encouraged me.

Thank you to everyone who has listened, encouraged, supported, loved and reminded me I have wings when I have forgotten how to fly.

With a huge hug, love and good wishes to everyone in 2013.  May your dreams come true and may you have much to be grateful for.

Yours gratefully……… Leiza x

Gratitude Rocks Update November 2012

30 Nov

Hey Gratitude Rockers

Another month has flown by and no reported gratitude rock moves to tell you about.  So I’ve been thinking about all the things I’ve been grateful for in this month.  Grateful for sisters and a brother, family and friends, work colleagues and people who want my help, creative geniuses and natural healers.  Lucky for the help I’ve received getting my new business off the ground.  Feeling thankful, happy, relaxed, calm, accepting and free.   Enjoying laughter, music, singing, dancing. Loving my warm home, comfortable bed, food in the fridge, central heating, hot water, warm clothes.   Love and gratitude to you all.  Love Leizaxx #gratitude rocks

Gratitude Rocks Update October 2012

31 Oct

Hey Gratitude Rockers

Hope this month update from 100 Gratitude Rocks finds you full of gratitude for all the amazing things that are happening in your life.

I was wondering what to say in this months update as there have been no reported gratitude rock movements this October.  And then I thought I would just write all the things I’ve been grateful for TODAY…..

I am grateful for waking up in a cottage with a beautiful view.  The plumber who fixed the hot water and heating.  The kettle.   Fresh food in the fridge.  A friend to share lunch with.  The internet.  A friend who needed my help and support.  A friend who gave me a massage.  A friend who gives their time and creative ideas.  Transport.  A new business venture to be excited about.  An umbrella.  Sisters to share news and plans for Christmas.  My hotwater bottle.

My list of thank you’s on just one day could go on and on and on.

I hope your life is filled with blessings too.

With love and gratitude.  Leizax

Gratitude Rocks Updates September 2012

30 Sep

Hello Gratitude Rockers

Well it’s been a month where my thoughts on Gratitude have saved me.  This month, my mum died both suddenly and unexpectedly.  She was a huge influence in my life and an inspiration to me and many others from all over the world.  What I have been most grateful for is that I experienced love from my mum and for my mum and I told her that I loved her and how glad I was that she was my mum.   Although I will of course miss her, I feel that there is nothing left unsaid.  Nothing in the space between us that made our relationship awkward or difficult.  I feel incredibly grateful for the journey I have been on that has led me to this place.  All my teachers, mentors, friends and family who have helped shape me into a person who knows love and is able to express it.  What a joy.  In these past few weeks, I have felt such gratitude for the all the wonderful acts of kindness I have received.  Cards, calls, texts, FB messages, hugs, offers of help, support and love.  Thank you Thank you Thank you.  With a very full and open heart.  Leiza

This month, GR99 reported in…..

GR99 Sarah Owen to Chris.  It meant a huge amount to receive Gratitude Rock number 99 from Fran, a wonderful and inspirational friend.  It arrived out of the blue and in a very touching way.  I think the feeling of being given the rock will always stick, and become one of those feelings you keep returning to as time passes, to remember and to keep smiling.

It is recommended that you pass the rock on to the first person that you think of.  I’m sticking with that advice, and am sending it to Chris.  Chris made a big act of kindness and generosity to me about 5 or 6 years ago, that made a very real difference to my life at the time.   It was time when I was struggling, and her gift arrived totally without warning and with a very open heart.  I’ve often thought what would have happened had Chris not done this, and I can’t think how I would have kept my head above the water at that particular point in time.  Time has passed since then, and I keep remembering her kindness with gratitude.  Sarah
Keep encouraging those you love to send their rocks on……  Yours very gratefully. Leizax

Gratitude Rocks Update August 2012

31 Aug

Hey Gratitude Rockers

Thank you so much for being a part of the journey of  ‘100 Gratitude Rocks‘ that are now somewhere on planet earth!    Today, I was wondering what to share in this month’s update.   My thoughts focusing on the Olympic and Paralympic games – how grateful I feel to be alive at this time.  Witnessing these moments of courage, determination, excellence and feeling the love and unity all around.  So many people involved, the sportsmen and women, gamesmakers, coaches and support teams, spectators, team mates, organisers, commentators and of course us, the general public.  What wonderful values the Olympic movement stands for; respect, excellence, friendship, courage, determination, equality and inspiration – loving it!  Below are this months’ reported gratitude rocks movements…..

Yours very gratefully.  Leiza

GR99 received from Kate Marks on the 29th July 2012 in the Imperial Pub, Exeter by Fran Lloyd and moving on to Sarah Owen.  So yesterday Kate gave me Gratitude Rock #99, and I was so touched! We have both said over the past year how much we appreciate each other’s friendship, and I have to say that when I read the information card I just wanted to give the rock straight back to her… But then I knew that it would never get very far!
To say that Kate has become one of my best friends doesn’t quite cut it – to put it simply, she puts a smile on my face whenever I think about her, and she has changed my way of thinking about the world and myself in such a wonderfully positive way that has made me extremely grateful to have such a fantastic person in my life.
I was thinking over all the people in my life who I am grateful to (for whatever reason – there are many), when I thought of Sarah Owen, and it just clicked that she was the one who just HAS to have this little token of gratitude. This lovely lady has been a huge part in my life as a co-worker, mentor and best friend, and I appreciate all of what she has been and is in my life.
To both of you wonderful people. thank you, and keep this thing going!
Fran xxx

GR75  William from Peter.  Dear limping Road Runner aka Peter, beep beep. Thanks for sharing gratitude rock 75 with me. I’m a lucky man too for your friendship which started in 2009 on our Colpi training. You inspired me by sneaking off to treat yourself to a steak when you were fed up with the veggie food & your amazing representative skills. You even survived being my super ego in a constellation, almost a fat worse than death! Seriously Peter, you’re seriously bright, highly impressive as a Coach & business man and most importantly loving and affectionate as a friend. Love, William
Tortoise trying to keep up with limping Road Runner.

Wishing you much to be grateful for every minute.  Love Leizax

Gratitude Rocks Update July 2012

30 Jul

Hello Gratitude Rockers

I am so excited to be writing the July update because during this month, Gratitude Rock No 99 has re-surfaced! This is the gratitude rock I left on a bench on The Downs. How cool is this……

GR99 Hello! My name is Kate Marks, and I’ve been given gratitude rock #99. One of my best friends had been to Bristol for a day trip with her family, and decided to go for a walk on the Downs, where she found it on a bench. I hadn’t seen her for about 6 months as we are both at university, and when we met at our favourite pub in Exeter, she was carrying a package. Bumbling with excitement she gave it to me, explaining that she had found it on the Bristol Downs, and that when she saw it she thought of me. I’m very happy that she is in my life, and despite being only 21 and 20, we mean alot to each other, and I’m sure we will be enriching our lives for many years to come. Thankful that the rock, for us, has symbolised this gratitude, and am excited to see what it comes to represent for others.

I will be giving it to someone who means alot to me, and taught me alot about community, love, forgiveness and friendship. I wander where her journey will take her.  Kate Marks

I am so happy to know that these gratitude rocks are still circulating, here is another wonderful gratitude rock story which involves gratitude rock number 2 and gratitude rock number 82 that have both travelled around and ended up in the hands of the same person! Here is the journey as I understand it…..

I gave GR2 to my mum, Koko, she gave it to her friend Martin, he gave it to his sister, Josette and you may remember, Josette wrote this…..

‘Thank you Martin for passing the rock on to me. You have always been there for me as my brother and my friend and I appreciate you thinking of me when you passed the rock on. You have always been such a big part of my life, we have shared so many happy times together and some sad times and there will always be a deep bond between us. I wish you such happiness in the next phase of your journey through this life and I will be there to help you when you need me. I will pass the rock on to Carolyn who you know and who has been another great influence in my life. I love her to bits like I do you and I thank her for being such a great friend, the best..and you for being the best

Part two of the story….  I gave GR82 to James who I work with, he gave it to his soon to be mother in law, Jude, she gave it to her best friend, who turned out to be Martin’s sister, Josette! Amazingly, Jude, Josette and myself were all at James’ wedding a few weeks ago and didn’t know the gratitude rock connection.

What I see from this story is that we are all so connected and every word of thanks we share brings more love and connection between us.

Keep your 100 gratitude rock stories coming.

With love and gratitude.



Gratitude Rocks – Update June2012

30 Jun

Hey Gratitude Rockers

Our Gratitude Rocks are still moving around our beautiful planet…  Here are some words that have been shared in June 2012.

GR75 Peter to William.  Thank you for coming into my life at such an important time for me and for being a true, constant, challenging, authentic, warm and inspiring friend. I am learning much from you and feel a growing sense of anticipation about what we might do in the world together. Actually, just the realisation that you like me and I like you is more than enough!  From your limping road runner. With love. Peter

GR70 Dee to Halaya.  Dear Martine, many thanks for the gratitude rock that you gave me, I so appriciate you as a fellow soul sister and dear friend, and I am so happy to be sharing this precious time on this planet together with our journey of ups and downs, so to speak. I kept the rock for a while and attempted twice to add my message here to no avail, how ever one evening recently i went to visit my beautiful friend Halaya who I was giving the rock to and did I a cafe in Easton and as i gave the gratitude rock to her she was with another friend from Germany who happened to be visiting her and who i met that evening, its so magical that this stone was then to go to germany for love and healing- it was a Miracle in essence that the fact I had waited until this moment to give the rock and the friend was leaving for Germany the very next morning, WOW thank you to the Gratitude rock for this beautiful gift. and Thank you beautiful Martine and Halaya, Thank you both for your love and friendship. With all my love Dee xxx

Message from me….

The Magic is a fabulous book on the power of gratitude….. it has the potential to be truly life affirming.   If you like it too, I would be grateful if you could ‘like’ this link on your FB accounts so that people not only find out about the 100 Gratitude Rocks Blog, but also find out about The Magic too….

  The Magic is a magnificent book written by Rhonda Byrne on the  power of gratitude – click this link to purchase this very special book on line

With a grateful heart.  Leizax

Gratitude Rocks Update – May 2012

31 May

Hey Gratitude Rockers

Yes, your gratitude rocks are still rocking and rolling…… here are the comments made in May 2012.  Yours, very gratefully, Leizax

GR4 – Jane Russell – Location Epsom UK to Kate Stuart – Location Bristol UK – Gratitude Rock No 4.  Thank you even lovelier lady for always being there 24/7, 365 days of the year to share my highs and lows, for being a shoulder to cry on and for helping me find myself again. More, most and forever xx

GR78. Diane to Dear Lee, You have been a wonderful friends or adopted daughter, always taking time to phone and check I am well, You are thoughtful and kind and you always find time to invite friends to one of your home cooked feasts.You are a magnificent mother and it is always my pleasure to spend time with Jazz, she is polite and gentle with a magical giggle. I admire the way in which you took time from your hectic life, ensuring your Mother had the best of everything on her long and pain full journey, followed by caring for your father, and you still remember them in thoughtful ways with flowers. Your strength of character is remarkable. Your personality’s is funny, you are always chirpy and it is my great pleasure to be included in your life… Diane

GR2 Thank you Martin for passing the rock on to me. You have always been there for me as my brother and my friend and I appreciate you thinking of me when you passed the rock on. You have always been such a big part of my life, we have shared so many happy times together and some sad times and there will always be a deep bond between us. I wish you such happiness in the next phase of your journey through this life and I will be there to help you when you need me. I will pass the rock on to Carolyn who you know and who has been another great influence in my life. I love her to bits like I do you and I thank her for being such a great friend, the best..and you for being the best

GR80 I recived my beautiful Gratitude Rock (80) from Ruth last night on my return from a week away from home, all the way from Bournemouth to Canberra, Australia, and the message brought tears to my eyes. Thank you, Ruth, and thank you Leiza for starting this, it’s a wonderful, wonderful idea. I will pass mine on very soon!

GR22 S.Ambrogio (Italy) for Hazel

Dear Amazing Soul, wonderfull spirit, beautifull woman thank you so much.
Thank you for all you brought in my life in all the time we have beeing togheter.
I do not have word ( even less in english ) to thank you deeply for your ispiring presence, loving heart, shinigh mind, deep intelligenze, fantastich sense of humor and divine action.
There are so many amazing quality that i discovered in you in this years that thanks to your presence made me a better man.
I thank you for: (I will write in Italian…so will be written correctly )

Per i tuoi sorrisi, per le tue risate,
per la tua pazzia, per le camminate, per le sciate,
per le notti di gioia e passione,per la tua intelligenza,
per la tua umanità, per la tua accoglienza, per il tuo calore,
per la tua femminilità, per la tua forza, per il tuo perzioso aiuto,
per il tuo sostegno nei momenti difficili,
per avermi insegnato Walk your Talk,
per la tua professionalità, per le vacanze che mi hai fatto fare, per le cene passate insieme,
per il bollitore e gli spugnini,
per i fantastici regali,
per la tua bellezza (dentro e fuori)
per il tuo coraggio, per la tua fede,per la tua visione della vita,
per la tua caparbiretà, per il tuo senso di giustizia e per la tua sensibilità,
per i tuoi occhi le tue mani e i tuoi baci
per la tua autorevolezza
per la tua simpatia
per la tua cultura
per la tua attenzione verso di me
per le tue riflessioni
per le nostre discussioni
per i tuoi sogni e per la tua capacità di realizzarli
per il concerto che mi hai regalato
e per la tua saggezza
e per tutto cio che sai che ti ho detto e qui non ripeterò

Thank you for you beeing you,
for all you do and for the love you share
for beeing so special and so unique
from the eternity to the eternity
love and gratitude

GR60 Will Alpass Buenos Aires to Edd Hammond Oakham
Thanks Lydia for this rock, I am super stoked to have received this rock from you and to have an opportunity to express my love and gratitude from you. You are a shining ball of light and yumminess in my world and you never cease to amaze me with your ability to connect with people from such diverse backgrounds and from such genuine bonds and to make people feel comfortable and inspired. Thank you!
To Edd, Thanks brother for being there to remind me what it is to not take shit too seriously and not take myself to seriously. In the 15 years that I have known you, you have had a profound effect on my being and vibe. I praise you for your love of life, your willingness to embrace all that is and help steer me in the right direction at my times of need. Your enthusiasm and ability to connect with people rubs off on everyone you meet. I have seen you walk into a number of different social situations and you are nothing but love and vibe in all of them and I am grateful to have witnessed that and to be with you in those times.
Most of all I am grateful for your ability to make me laugh and to share that laughter with those you encounter. I can’t wait till our paths cross again in the physical dimension.
The lion and the wolf will be reunited soon.
Namastae bro xxx

Where and whenever possible, please encourage everyone to sign up to the updates and forward their gratitude rocks onwards.   Let our hearts sing with the music of gratitude every moment of every day.   Let love and light by your path,  Leizax