Gratitude Rock 6

22 Dec

Location:  Leiza Alpass (Bristol, UK) to Sally Jones (Kingsbridge, Devon)

Thank you Sal for showing me that it is possible to find a love that can endure the tests of time and that when you focus on making your dreams a reality, anything is possible.  I am proud of you sis and the many things you have achieved, not least of which four amazing children.  When I think of you, I am always reminded of a fridge magnet you once gave me and I still have which reads ‘sisters by chance, friends by choice’.  I am glad you are both my sister and my friend. Love you.  Leizax


5 Responses to “Gratitude Rock 6”

  1. alfonso crosetto May 20, 2012 at 5:14 pm #

    Gratitude Rock 22 S.Ambrogio (Italy) for Hazel

    Dear Amazing Soul, wonderfull spirit, beautifull woman thank you so much.
    Thank you for all you brought in my life in all the time we have beeing togheter.
    I do not have word ( even less in english ) to thank you deeply for your ispiring presence, loving heart, shinigh mind, deep intelligenze, fantastich sense of humor and divine action.
    There are so many amazing quality that i discovered in you in this years that thanks to your presence made me a better man.
    I thank you for: (I will write in Italian…so will be written correctly )

    Per i tuoi sorrisi, per le tue risate,
    per la tua pazzia, per le camminate, per le sciate,
    per le notti di gioia e passione,per la tua intelligenza,
    per la tua umanità, per la tua accoglienza, per il tuo calore,
    per la tua femminilità, per la tua forza, per il tuo perzioso aiuto,
    per il tuo sostegno nei momenti difficili,
    per avermi insegnato Walk your Talk,
    per la tua professionalità, per le vacanze che mi hai fatto fare, per le cene passate insieme,
    per il bollitore e gli spugnini,
    per i fantastici regali,
    per la tua bellezza (dentro e fuori)
    per il tuo coraggio, per la tua fede,per la tua visione della vita,
    per la tua caparbiretà, per il tuo senso di giustizia e per la tua sensibilità,
    per i tuoi occhi le tue mani e i tuoi baci
    per la tua autorevolezza
    per la tua simpatia
    per la tua cultura
    per la tua attenzione verso di me
    per le tue riflessioni
    per le nostre discussioni
    per i tuoi sogni e per la tua capacità di realizzarli
    per il concerto che mi hai regalato
    e per la tua saggezza
    e per tutto cio che sai che ti ho detto e qui non ripeterò

    Thank you for you beeing you,
    for all you do and for the love you share
    for beeing so special and so unique
    from the eternity to the eternity
    love and gratitude

  2. Anjie March 21, 2012 at 1:41 pm #

    It’s ironic that my rock arrived close to the date of the earthquake in Japan. My thoughts had been turning to that time, thoughts not only of the devastation and losses in Japan but also my experience of the resulting tsunami. As it would happen Karin and I were on a cruise in the Pacific Ocean to the Galapagos Islands and anxiously waited out the day in the highlands on the island Santa Cruz. As always I was thankful for Karin’s company and card playing skills but it was later when we returned to the harbour waiting to return to our ship that I give greatest thanks. A siren, flashing lights and panic – the tsunami! Everyone ran for higher ground away from the water but I couldn’t run, a broken leg and damaged knee held me back. When she could have joined the others, Karin took my arm assuring me that she would stay, she wouldn’t leave me and that we were in this together. Karin is a true friend and I am blessed and honored that she is my friend. Thank you Karin for our times together, from loss to celebration.

    Having said all that I could just post the rock back to Karin but I will send it on to Jen in Nova Scotia. I am thankful for her friendship, a friendship that spans generation and distance. I am so grateful that she and Peter have allowed me to be a part and a presence in their daughter’s life. I have shared in Hope’s life from the beginning to our most recent plans for the summer. Although just a child we have a friendship that recognizes each other as equals. It is a rare and treasured gift. Thank you Jen for sharing your beautiful daughter with me and allowing me to be part of her life.

  3. Karin February 22, 2012 at 10:44 pm #

    I was delighted to receive my Gratitude rock from Sally. I so enjoyed having her and her family and their amazing dog Tilly to stay with me for a few weeks. I have no kids and I really admire what an amazing job Sally and Tim do as parents. It was great to see it at close hand and learn from them.

    I am sending my Gratitude rock No 6 to Canada to my friend Anjie. Anjie and I have now shared three big adventures – three months as volunteer english teachers in Tanzania, three months as volunteer IT and english teachers in India followed by a month travelling and three months in Ecuador as support teachers.

    I am grateful to Anjie for her friendship, the way she shares her passion for literature and for her country Canada and her generosity of spirit which she shows in many ways. One example that particularly springs to mind is the gangs of street children who would follow her in Arusha as she regularly ensured that they got fed.

    Thanks Anjie – from loss to celebration with many laughs on the way and hopefully some more adventures together in the future.

  4. Sally January 11, 2012 at 9:40 am #

    I am sending my gratitude rock number 6 from Devon to Cheshire to Karin Frood, who gave me and my family (4 kids and a dog) her beautiful home to share for 3 months. This was a hugely generous thing to do and I will always be very grateful to her. Karin truly understands what it is to be a friend. Thank you Karin x

  5. Sally January 11, 2012 at 9:26 am #

    Thank you Leiza, we are truly bonded through our lives experiences, and this is a great reminder to show the people we love how much they mean to us.
    Love you too
    Sal x

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