Gratitude Rock 7

23 Dec

Location:  Leiza Alpass (Bristol, UK) to Zoe Collins (Hurstpierpoint, Nr Brighton, UK)  (See GR7 mark 2 below)

Thank you Zoe for showing me that when you have passion and a vision, you can make amazing things happen.  Thank you for being a real contribution in the world.  I love to talk to you about your plans and I am inspired by how you manage to achieve so much.  I acknowledge you for your amazing relationship with Gav and your beautiful kids.  And of course the work you are doing with Jamie O.  Thank you for being my ‘claim to fame’!  Love you Sis.  Leizax PS.  Hey Zoe, here is your Gratitude Rock 7 mark 2 to replace the first GR7 that went missing on it’s first adventure – hopefully this one will make it…………….

gratitude rock 7 of 100 (mark 2)


One Response to “Gratitude Rock 7”

  1. Zoe Collins December 28, 2011 at 10:19 pm #

    Gratitude Rock 7, Hurstpierpoint, West Sussex, UK

    Thanks Leiza, it is with admiration and happiness that I receive this rock. Admiration that you have brought this lovely project together and happiness at being a part of it. Fergus helped collect the rocks and he is lying here next to me as I write, I know he feels that he shared a special moment with you and he’s been waiting to hear about what happens next…thanks for leading the way!

    And so…Fergus and I are sending Rock 7 trans-Atlantic and across America to our special friend, Natalee in LA.

    Natalee, it took me less than a second to recognise that you are a special one. Your warm welcome, bright laughter and wicked humour have made me feel so at home at times when I felt lonely. You helped me re-discover heart in my working-world and to feel joy at the amazing adventures that our jobs continue to be, you revitalised my passion and for that I am really, really thankful. Thank you also for making my family feel so special, for listening without judging and for connecting with your Freckle Friend who feels attached to you thousands and thousands of miles away. Love y’all. Zoe xxx

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