Gratitude Rock 8

26 Dec

Location:  Leiza Alpass (Bristol, UK) to William ‘Lopez’ Alpass (Buenos Aires)

Hi Dude!  Thank you for being ‘totally awesome’ and for showing me that sticking with convention is simply a matter of choice.  That when you follow your heart, actually, opportunity knocks and where once there were walls, doors open!  I am so proud of you for following your heart.  Thank you for teaching me about the possibility of choosing a road less travelled.  Love you, your Cosmic Sis, Leizax


2 Responses to “Gratitude Rock 8”

  1. Lydia Stevens February 15, 2012 at 1:28 pm #

    I feel incredibly touched to have received this Gratitude Rock from Will and will treasure the letter that he gave me with it. It is a beautiful act to show someone gratitude in this way and I was left with a feeling of such unconditional love when I read his words to me. It is funny because so many of the things he thanks me for in his note, I feel exactly the same about him. I just admire so much what he brings to this world and find so much joy in seeing how he lives his life with and through his passions. It is wonderful thing to see. He teaches me so much too and for that, I am truly grateful to him.

    My Gratitude Rock has been sent to my friend, Diego Alcantara, who lives in Brazil. I met Diego in 2008 when I worked at a community centre in Salvador for six months and he was one of the teenagers attending the centre’s activities. I both lived and worked in the centre which was based in quite an excluded and dangerous part of the city and which is where Diego has lived all his life. Diego was the first person to come and see me in my apartment where I lived alone, and the friendship he gave me in that time was what got me through quite a tough and lonely period.

    Diego showed me a way of looking at the world which has completely changed how I live my life. He believes in everything. Everything is possible when you are with Diego. There are no limits. And are you always capable. But only by making sure love and support for yourself and those around you is present in everything you do.

    I also think Diego is one of the most talented young artists I have ever encountered, because he finds beauty in everything and this has proven to be the inspiration that guides me in my passions today. It is hard to put this all in to words because it wasn’t until I left Brazil that I realised the effect that this kid’s friendship had had on me and my relationship with the world. Thank you, Diego.

  2. will alpass January 23, 2012 at 1:35 pm #

    Gratitude rock 8 Will Alpass (buenos aires) to Lydia Stevens (buenos aires)
    Thank you Leiza for giving me this amazing opportunity to be grateful in my life and be aware of gratitude and to cultivate this feeling. You are an inspiration to me and i praise you for always helping me too get to the core of any issues identifying what is holding me back and helping me to move forwards. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with me and with everyone you meet, you teach me to dream and to dare to follow my dreams. It makes me laugh because we are more or less grateful to each other for the same things as i look back on what you have written to me!
    As i contemplated this rock and my gratitude i was struck by how many people there are to be grateful too and how much people have taught and shared with me and how i haven’t expressed that to them and how in the future i will pretend i also have 100 gratitude rocks to pass on and to express that gratitude. I feel a softening in my heart as i express this even in the form of a thought and i know that this energetic wave of gratitude and love will spread.
    I just want to share a quick story of how weird gratitude can be. I was salmon fishing in Scotland recently on a stretch of water that is a little exclusive meaning you have to pay to fish there. In salmon fishing there is only one rule concerning other anglers. That is if you are fishing down a pool another person must enter the water behind you and never in front of you as you work your way down through the likely places where a salmon may be. i got up at 5 am to slip in the water just before sunrise. The conditions were perfect and I got into my rhythm as the sun came up and then this guy jumps in splashing about in front of me. My thoughts became angry and I lost my ability to cast a smooth fly until suddenly i realised the opportunity this guy had given me to forgive. As i forgave him i looked back on all the people in my life i had not forgiven and forgave each one of them. I became grateful for this guy who ignored the rules and i would love to say I caught a salmon then but that would just be another fisherman’s tale.
    Thank you Lydia for always believing in me and excepting me for who I am and not wanting to change me. For being there to support me for saying yes, for dancing in the streets, for doing sea lion impressions on the beach! My life is filled with love and fun when you are around. Your giving nature and the way you treat the world has taught me so much about what it is too give freely and to bring flow into my life. You make me feel like i can do anything and that the only limitations are those which i create myself.
    What you have achieved already and the people you have helped from the street kids in Brasil to recovering drug addicts in Argentina is an inspiration for me. Keep shining you light babe x

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