GR Updates – December 2011

31 Dec

Hi Gratitude Rockers

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for doing your bit to keep this project going and the wave of gratitude moving in December 2011.  These are some of the comments you made this month.  Remember you can sign up to receive updates of your rocks’ travels on the blog.  With a full heart… Leizax

GR7 Comment from Zoe, Hurstpierpoint, West Sussex, UK

Thanks Leiza, it is with admiration and happiness that I receive this rock. Admiration that you have brought this lovely project together and happiness at being a part of it. Fergus helped collect the rocks and he is lying here next to me as I write, I know he feels that he shared a special moment with you and he’s been waiting to hear about what happens next…thanks for leading the way!

And so…Fergus and I are sending Rock 7 trans-Atlantic and across America to our special friend, Natalee in LA.

Natalee, it took me less than a second to recognise that you are a special one. Your warm welcome, bright laughter and wicked humour have made me feel so at home at times when I felt lonely. You helped me re-discover heart in my working-world and to feel joy at the amazing adventures that our jobs continue to be, you revitalised my passion and for that I am really, really thankful. Thank you also for making my family feel so special, for listening without judging and for connecting with your Freckle Friend who feels attached to you thousands and thousands of miles away. Love y’all. Zoe xxx

GR5 Hazel Newton, Backwell Bristol UK to Peter Jenkins Chicago USA.

There are so many people that I feel grateful for being in my life, however my dearest Dad you stand out head and shoulders above the rest!

I thank you; for giving me life and nurturing me during my early years and providing me with a balance of love and challenge to help me grow.
For giving me the opportunity of independence and freedom during my 20′s and 30′s. Then inspiring and encouraging me to discover my Souls eternal journey and the truth of who I really am, through numerous books, courses and conversations.  For supporting me by leading the way into a new career of Hypnosis and Regression Therapy after you left the religious ministry. A career and life path that has given me infinite joy and with which I resonate completely with my heart and soul.  Dad you are amazing and an inspiration, Thank you dear soul-mate for the fulfillment of our life contract together.

GR4 Comment from Kate Stuart – Location Bristol UK to Jane Russell Location Epsom UK – Gratitude Rock number 4

Thank you “Lovely Lady” for being there with me to share the laughs and smiles, tears and challenges and being there with a spare pair of wings when mine have got tired, worn out or soggy!

Thank you for your quiet patience, encouragement, for understanding me better than I do myself sometimes and for all you have helped me learn on this journey so far. Love you angel, Most & More KTSxx

GR3 Comment from Karen Stokes

Thank you Leiza so much for Gratitude Rock No. 3. I love the sentiment and commit to continue your legacy of spreading a wave of happiness in this way. I feel proud of you for creating such a beautiful way to send love and gratitude. Your kind words mean a lot to me, you are my angel. Huge hugs and love Karen x

GR1 Comment from Jason Flinter

Hi Leiza – long time no see!!! (since Wednesday) Yes, I can confirm I have received my Gratitude Rock and honoured I feel too, with it being #1 – a wise decision!! For all the other ‘Rock Receivers’ out there, my name is Jason from Bristol and I have known Leiza for about 8 years now and I am equally proud to have Leiza as a friend, song writing partner and fellow visionary! Can I admire my rock for a few days before I pass it on? I feel I want to get to know it, take it out for a beer, share some memories – that sort of thing! Great project, can’t wait to see and hear all the journeys – Love and Peace. LJX


When you receive or send a gratitude rock, share your story here. Remember to include your gratitude rock number, your location and if you wish the names of those you wish to acknowledge for their contribution to you....... Remember to 'tick the box' below to receive future comments on your rock.

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