Gratitude Rock 15

2 Jan

Leiza Alpass (Bristol, UK) to Alan Cowood (Victoria BC, Canada)

Hi Dad, so here is your gratitude rock.   It has been great getting to know you a little better since my trip to Canada last year.  I am grateful for the musical side of me which I suspect I inherited from you.  I am also very  grateful that you and Kate get on so well together and have created a full life for yourselves full of music, friends and happy times.  I hope that we continue to know each other more in 2012 and beyond.  Love Leizax


One Response to “Gratitude Rock 15”

  1. 100 Gratitude Rocks February 12, 2012 at 9:04 pm #

    Emailed received and uploaded by me…..
    Hello Leiza, My rock is number 15. Thank you for sending it to me.
    It makes me feel a lovely connection to you, so far away from me for so long.
    I am really proud of you for what you have accomplished so far in your life.
    To say you have perseverance would be an understatement.

    I sent my rock on to Ethel Mcewan, my shipmate.
    She is a wonderfully giving person. Ready to help at a moments notice. She has a great and quick sense of humour, including a good sense of the ridiculous.
    Our friendship is only a few years old, and I really treasure it.

    I hope you will post these thoughts and comments on to the gratitude site for me.

    Love and a HUG XXXX Dad

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