Gratitude Rock 19

6 Jan

Leiza Alpass (Bristol, UK) to Dave Clarkson (Hythe, Kent)

Hey Dave, here is a gratitude rock for you.  Thank you Dave for your contribution to me during the ISA experience.  I acknowledge you for your energetic, enthusiastic and creative ways for getting across the thought-provoking, life-changing ways of being that have definately shaped the way I am so grateful for being today.  The  ‘mental alarm clock’ process was a real gift to me and helped me realise that I am in the driving seat of my life and that I get to choose if I wake up happy or not, on time or not, full of energy or not – what a great gift to me.  Thank you Dave for your love,  wisdom and zest for life.  Love Leizax


When you receive or send a gratitude rock, share your story here. Remember to include your gratitude rock number, your location and if you wish the names of those you wish to acknowledge for their contribution to you....... Remember to 'tick the box' below to receive future comments on your rock.

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