Gratitude Rock 40

27 Jan

Leiza Alpass (Bristol, UK) to Mette Holbech (Bristol, UK)

Hey Mette, here is your gratitude rock.  Thank you Mette for being such an inspiration to me in the way you open your heart to others.  You are virtually bursting at the seams with love for humanity, nature and what’s possible.  Thank you for your friendship and for showing me what is possible with a full heart.  Love Leizax


One Response to “Gratitude Rock 40”

  1. Mette Holbech April 22, 2012 at 1:03 pm #

    Hi Leiza, thank firstly for your kind and loving words, you know it is the response I get from you and every lovely funny quirky interesting person I meet that makes an open heart possible.
    When I received your gratitude rock I wondered what this number was going to tell of stories, 40 being such a spiritual number. Interestingly, having just received this rock, I landed on a programme about old tribes of africa, and the word Ndugu rang in my head. It wasn’t part of the programme so I googled it; it means ‘brother’ or ‘we are all one’. Wauw, what an amazing first message from your 40th rock. I have treasured this rock as a source of reflection – thank you for bringing this about.
    I will let you know when your rock travels on.
    Much love

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