GR Updates – January 2012

31 Jan

Hi Gratitude Rockers

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for keeping this wave of gratitude moving again in January 2012.  These are some of the comments you made this month.  Remember you can sign up to receive updates of your gratitude rocks’ journey on the blog.  Simply go to your Gratitude Rock Post and tick the box below the comment box to request to receive notifications of future comments about your rock.  With a increasingly full heart… Leizax

GR16: Kate Cowood to Pa.  Thank you Leiza, for blessing me with a Gratitude Rock! I’m honoured. I’ve always considered you and Sally my “daughters,’ and you are a joy to me. I wish you many blessings in your life.

I’ve sent Gratitude Rock #16 to my father, always an inspiration to me.
Dear Pa: I am sending an expression of my gratitude to you, in the form of a ‘gratitude’ rock. I want you to know that I am deeply grateful for the lessons you have taught me, by your example…. the meaning of loyalty, love and joy, love of nature and family. I am grateful to you for helping to create a very large, supportive family which has been a source of great comfort throughout my life. Happy 95th birthday!

GR26 Saghi’s comment:  Lovely Leiza. Thank you for my rock and thank you for making me and everyone else take the time to consider everything we have to be grateful for. The thing that leaps to my mind most is my gratitude to my friends – you have all been my rocks in my life and I know I am a better person for all the lessons I have learnt from you. You have all inspired and encouraged me in one way or another over the years and for that you all have a very special place in my heart. There have been times over the past 10 years when I truly don’t know what I would have done without the love and support of my friends. Thanks again Leiza – you are a very very special person and your idea to share this with us all is just one of those beautiful qualities that you have as a gift….and you are a gift to all of us.

GR5: Barbara Walden; Location: Winfield, IL USA to Sonia Ness.  30-some-year friendships are rare – just like the lively, funny, thoughtful singer who befriended me all those years ago.  It’s simple to feel tremendous gratitude for your presence in my life, but darned hard to put it into words. Let’s just say across all that time, soaring through the good times, slogging through the bad, suffering through the dreadful, I couldn’t have had a more loyal, constant or valued friend.  With love, respect and gratitude. Barb

GR22 Lynne Smith to Hazel Newton.  Hazel you have taught me many things the most important one was that I could trust, I could also let go of the past and bad memories that had been buried. I learnt that I was worth helping, I was just a troubled soul who needed help, I will always be grateful for Hazel coming into my life and showing me I mattered. A rock that says thank you has such meaning thank you is easy to say and to take the trouble to pick a rock and send it says so much, my gratitude is not only Hazel who I sent it to its also to Leiza the one that took the trouble to send it to me. Thank you both. Lynne xx

GR8 Will Alpass (buenos aires) to Lydia Stevens (buenos aires)
Thank you Leiza for giving me this amazing opportunity to be grateful in my life and be aware of gratitude and to cultivate this feeling. You are an inspiration to me and i praise you for always helping me too get to the core of any issues identifying what is holding me back and helping me to move forwards. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with me and with everyone you meet, you teach me to dream and to dare to follow my dreams. It makes me laugh because we are more or less grateful to each other for the same things as i look back on what you have written to me!
As I contemplated this rock and my gratitude i was struck by how many people there are to be grateful too and how much people have taught and shared with me and how i haven’t expressed that to them and how in the future i will pretend i also have 100 gratitude rocks to pass on and to express that gratitude. I feel a softening in my heart as i express this even in the form of a thought and i know that this energetic wave of gratitude and love will spread.
I just want to share a quick story of how weird gratitude can be. I was salmon fishing in Scotland recently on a stretch of water that is a little exclusive meaning you have to pay to fish there. In salmon fishing there is only one rule concerning other anglers. That is if you are fishing down a pool another person must enter the water behind you and never in front of you as you work your way down through the likely places where a salmon may be. i got up at 5 am to slip in the water just before sunrise. The conditions were perfect and I got into my rhythm as the sun came up and then this guy jumps in splashing about in front of me. My thoughts became angry and I lost my ability to cast a smooth fly until suddenly i realised the opportunity this guy had given me to forgive. As i forgave him i looked back on all the people in my life i had not forgiven and forgave each one of them. I became grateful for this guy who ignored the rules and i would love to say I caught a salmon then but that would just be another fisherman’s tale.
Thank you Lydia for always believing in me and excepting me for who I am and not wanting to change me. For being there to support me for saying yes, for dancing in the streets, for doing sea lion impressions on the beach! My life is filled with love and fun when you are around. Your giving nature and the way you treat the world has taught me so much about what it is too give freely and to bring flow into my life. You make me feel like i can do anything and that the only limitations are those which i create myself.
What you have achieved already and the people you have helped from the street kids in Brasil to recovering drug addicts in Argentina is an inspiration for me. Keep shining you light babe x

GR27 Lez Channon to Trudi – ROCK 27 GOES INTERNATIONAL (on its way to Lanzarotte)  Hi Trudi, Here is your Gratitude Rock, I just want to say thank you for being my Lovely Sister Cousin, and your love and support always but especially now at this difficult time.  Big Hugs and Love and Peace Lezxxxxx

GR5: Sonia Ness; Location: Elk Grove Village, IL, USA To Barbara Walden
Barb, please accept this rock in appreciation of your amazing friendship, your generous spirit, and your own sense of gratitude for all the wonderful blessings of this life. You will have it only briefly before you pass it on to someone else, but that’s as it should be. Love is not to be hoarded but shared. The permanence is the good energy that remains. I will always be grateful to have you in my life — even when you beat me at Scrabble!  Love, Sonia

GR5: Sonia Ness, Darling Peter, I feel so fortunate that we found each other — and am convinced that we were meant to do so. It’s lovely to have the feeling of true partnership that we share, the fun we have, the warmth that makes our home my favorite place to be because you’re there. Thank you for your beautiful words. I’m awed by your poetic gift, and honored that you offer it to me. We truly have much for which to be grateful, but most of all, our love. You have my heart.  Sonia

 GR22: Lynne Smith, Bristol – Today was like any other day until I came home and had post a small parcel with my name on it I opened it and had a tear as I read that I had made played a part no matter how small in some ones life, wow how amazing do I feel right now, the first thing I was going to do was send it back to that person as they have made a huge difference in my life, I thought that might break the chain so I chose someone else,my rock number 22 was sent to me in Bristol getting a gratitude rock has made me feel I do matter,and so does the person that sent it to me thank you I will pass it on
GR22: Poem by Lynne Smith:-
I had a surprise the other day, when a parcel came my way
I looked inside what could it be,  inside a rock I could see
A rock came also with a card,  I had to look again real hard
Was this rock just all for me,  who had sent it, how could it be?
Who would send this gift to me? I had to know who could it be
As I looked I saw it there,  their rock they sent to me to share
A rock of gratitude to say thank you,  I had today right out the blue
This rock was now for me to share,  send it to someone else out there
Send it was what I had to do, to say to someone else ‘thank you’
It was not hard to pick someone,  to pass it on, now has been done.

GR1: Jason Flinter in Bristol to …..Hi Leiza, Just to mention that I have finally said my goodbyes to my rock and have passed it on to John Telfer. A colleague who turned into a dear friend through music and songwriting. It was an emotional handover!! Thanks for starting this wonderful project, can’t wait to see where Rock# 1 is going next.

GR6:  Sally Jones in Devon:  I am sending my gratitude rock number 6 from Devon to Cheshire to Karin Frood, who gave me and my family (4 kids and a dog) her beautiful home to share for 3 months. This was a hugely generous thing to do and I will always be very grateful to her. Karin truly understands what it is to be a friend. Thank you Karin x

GR5: Peter Watson Jenkins, Location Elk Grove Village, Illinois USA to Sonia


I give you this rock – Petros in Greek – to tell you that I have given you my heart.

My gratitude for all you are and for all you do is unbounded. You chose to marry a man who would persist in being 12 years older than you every step of the way across the sands of time. For the generosity in your choice (against many odds), I remain somewhat breathless. Surely love is stronger than…. lots of things. And now in our growing together over the years we know for certain that love, including gratitude, given and received, is never wasted.

I am grateful for your music, and look forward to the time when it floods back into the house when you retire. I am grateful for your smoothies, and salads, and all the good things you use to enhance my cupboard love of you. I am grateful for our serious discussions of spirituality, and for our human playfulness.

Thank you for helping me in my infirmities and accepting my moments of bossiness as being temporary and meant to be for the greater good. Thank you for… everything.

Can it be true, this love we know
Which you and I make daily flow
What we discover seems to grow
As I and you the other show?

Can it be true this love which I
Find welling in my heart to try
In many ways to answer why
I cannot live without you nigh?

Can it be true that love which you
So many times have shown me true
For we have found fresh ways to woo
And love-life is forever new?

Can it be true as all shall see
Who ask those questions? We will be
Throughout our loving always free
In tribute to love’s certainty.

Thank you, true love.

Peter (PS: The website mentioned is under construction)

GR5: Peter (father) to Hazel (daughter)

Thank you for taking me by surprise and overwhelming me with your precious words of love and gratitude.

Truly we are soul mates who have decided to work together and who have proved that you cannot lessen or destroy love by having an ocean and a slice of a continent between us, to say nothing of the practical reasons that keep us apart. No! We will never be apart because we are one in the eternal Source. That unity is a bond that we have achieved pretty much of unconditional love between us. You have helped me with that and I believe I have helped you as well.

I am quite overwhelmed by this token of your love and gratitude.
And I can only respond with words:

Catch a shaft of sunlight on a rainy day
Hold it, caress it, feel its warmth on your face
Do not let it get away.
A shaft of sunlight gives true blessing
When the world is grey.

Hold that ray of sunshine fast
Help me make its beauty last
Capture this moment for ever.
Let us say that somehow we’ll
Never hide how much we feel
This is a moment to treasure.

Catch a glimpse of beauty on a rainy day
Hold it, possess it. feel its warmth in your heart
Do not let it get away.
A glimpse of beauty gives true blessing
When the world is grey.    DAD.

GR3:  Location: Karen Stokes (Cotswolds, UK) to David Joy (Cotswolds, UK)
David you have heard plenty of talk about Gratitude Rocks without really understanding the implications, well now I am passing Gratitude Rock 3 to you. It is not a symbol of my love for you, as you have many of those, instead it is sent with love as an expression of how grateful I feel to have you in my life. You have loved and cherished me like no other and for the honour and respect you have shown me I feel blessed. You have accepted and allowed me to be me without judgement and with love and patience you have helped me grow. You are an influential and significant part of my life and for that I will be eternally grateful, all my love Karen xxx


2 Responses to “GR Updates – January 2012”

  1. jfb57 January 31, 2012 at 4:43 pm #

    Hello you! Finally found a space to leave a comment! This is a super idea. I have subscribed so will not miss the passing of a rock!xx


  2. Jason Flinter January 31, 2012 at 10:12 am #

    Big up to GR5!! Certainly going places!! Can’t wait for the book and then the film Leiza – Who’s going to play you – Meryl Streep?

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