GR Updates – February 2012

29 Feb

Hello Gratitude Rockers

Here are some of your comments in February 2012.  Thank you for keeping this project going.  I am bursting with gratitude that the rocks are still moving and grateful indeed for all your kind words to each other and to me.  Love Leizax

GR14 Karen Chubb comment to Leiza.  Thank you for being part of our lives. You will always be a part of our family. Sorry for the delay in moving my rock (14) on but life has been just amazing over these last few months. Lots of love Karen x

GR64:  Daniel Flinter comment to me.  hey leiza, thnaks for the graditude rock and the nice comment you put about me being creative and being SUCH a delight.  Yours sincerely  Daniel Flinter

GR5: Tom Walden; Location, Lakewood, CA
To: Kathy Walden; Location, Lakewood, CA

Dear Kathy,

Thank you for loving me and being my best friend. Thank you for forgiving me when I screw up, which you know and I know happens often. Did I tell you I love you today? You are the best!

Your curmudgeon,  Tom

GR5: Barbara Walden: Location; Winfield, IL
To: Tom Walden, Location: Lakewood, CA

Little Brother,

Thanking you for being in my life is almost like thanking a part of my body – you’ve always been there and I almost can’t imagine life without you.

Thank your for being funny, irreverent, infuriating, and thoroughly human. Thank you for helping me learn patience and the gut-level wisdom of forgiveness. Thank you for being a loving parent to my niece and nephew, a loving husband to my sister-in-law and a great dog and cat daddy.

Most of all, thank you for loving me and always having my back when the chips were down. I hope I’ve been and will always be able to return that favor.

Love and hugs, Barb

GR36 Su Harwood’s comment for Jo-Ann then sent to Sam Bennett: Well now I’m blubbing, and Gratitude Rocks are not all that cuddly! Thank you for being such a loyal and fantastic friend. I love spending time with you down in Brizzol. You are one of a kind Jo-Ann, and I love you for it. Please don’t ever change! xxx

No 36 GR now in Wadhurst, East Sussex, but I’ll be passing it onto Sam Bennett in Crowborough (in fact all the Bennetts) who have been our bestest friends and holiday buddies since the boys were cute and didn’t answer back! Thank you for all your support and unfailing kindness, especially over the past 4 years. You STARS! xxxx

GR6 Karin to Anjie,  Canada.  I was delighted to receive my Gratitude rock from Sally. I so enjoyed having her and her family and their amazing dog Tilly to stay with me for a few weeks. I have no kids and I really admire what an amazing job Sally and Tim do as parents. It was great to see it at close hand and learn from them.

I am sending my Gratitude rock No 6 to Canada to my friend Anjie. Anjie and I have now shared three big adventures – three months as volunteer english teachers in Tanzania, three months as volunteer IT and english teachers in India followed by a month travelling and three months in Ecuador as support teachers.

I am grateful to Anjie for her friendship, the way she shares her passion for literature and for her country Canada and her generosity of spirit which she shows in many ways. One example that particularly springs to mind is the gangs of street children who would follow her in Arusha as she regularly ensured that they got fed.

Thanks Anjie – from loss to celebration with many laughs on the way and hopefully some more adventures together in the future.

GR58 Richard to Lizzy:-  Dear Lizzy, I have sent this gratitude rock to you because its such an appropriate way to express how grateful I am to have you in my life. I’m grateful for all the love, support, kindness and belief you have shown me over all these years ….thank you darling x Love Rich

GR12 Craig Farquharson who received GR12 from Rochelle who received GR12  from Jude…..I just received this rock from my friend Rochelle, via Jude, love the whole concept, I am going to sit awhile then pass it on it will probably be overseas again soon.

GR22 Hazel to Alfonso.  Dearest Alfonso, I am full of so much gratitude and appreciation for all your love, wisdom and everything you have taught me over the last 4 years. It is hard to put into words what we have shared and how precious you are to me. I am a much wiser person having been inspired by you, you have helped me to be the best me I can be and that journey continues! Every single moment together has been a gift that I will cherish forever. Nameste and grazie, Eternal love Haze xxx

GR36 Jo-Ann M to Su Harwood – Thank You so much Leiza for sending me a gratitude rock, I am overwhelmed you sent this to me.
I have never expressed how you have helped me. You spell Gratitude.
G = Great Person – Understand peoples needs
R = Real Person
A= Amazing Person
T= Trusting Person
I= Instrumental Person – In well being of your clients
T= Tremendous Person – You think about the whole picture for your clients
U= Understanding
D= Dedicated
E= Energized (and this rubs offf).
I have now finished admiring my 36 – GR And sent to Su Harwood – East Sussex.
Su – I want you to have this No 36 GR from me. I so appreciate your strengh and freindship you have given me for 30 years. From boy chats to hobby chats to culture chats to clothes and shoes chats & medals for understanding my letters!  The support you have given me, in these past few years. I admire your own strengh you have, had yourself these past years. I admire and love your family unit, James Ed and you. xxxxx LUL

GR8 – Lydia Stevens to Diego Alcantara (Brazil)  I feel incredibly touched to have received this Gratitude Rock from Will and will treasure the letter that he gave me with it. It is a beautiful act to show someone gratitude in this way and I was left with a feeling of such unconditional love when I read his words to me. It is funny because so many of the things he thanks me for in his note, I feel exactly the same about him. I just admire so much what he brings to this world and find so much joy in seeing how he lives his life with and through his passions. It is wonderful thing to see. He teaches me so much too and for that, I am truly grateful to him.

My Gratitude Rock has been sent to my friend, Diego Alcantara, who lives in Brazil. I met Diego in 2008 when I worked at a community centre in Salvador for six months and he was one of the teenagers attending the centre’s activities. I both lived and worked in the centre which was based in quite an excluded and dangerous part of the city and which is where Diego has lived all his life. Diego was the first person to come and see me in my apartment where I lived alone, and the friendship he gave me in that time was what got me through quite a tough and lonely period.

Diego showed me a way of looking at the world which has completely changed how I live my life. He believes in everything. Everything is possible when you are with Diego. There are no limits. And are you always capable. But only by making sure love and support for yourself and those around you is present in everything you do.

I also think Diego is one of the most talented young artists I have ever encountered, because he finds beauty in everything and this has proven to be the inspiration that guides me in my passions today. It is hard to put this all in to words because it wasn’t until I left Brazil that I realised the effect that this kid’s friendship had had on me and my relationship with the world. Thank you, Diego.

GR15 from Alan Cowood.  Hello Leiza, My rock is number 15. Thank you for sending it to me. It makes me feel a lovely connection to you, so far away from me for so long. I am really proud of you for what you have accomplished so far in your life. To say you have perseverance would be an understatement.

I sent my rock on to Ethel Mcewan, my shipmate.
She is a wonderfully giving person. Ready to help at a moments notice. She has a great and quick sense of humour, including a good sense of the ridiculous.
Our friendship is only a few years old, and I really treasure it.

I hope you will post these thoughts and comments on to the gratitude site for me.

Love and a HUG XXXX Dad

GR 41 – Jimmy C -I was very surprised when a rock dropped through my letter box and i was stumped as to what to do with it and how to respond.

Thank you for including me and giving me the opportunity to pass on some gratitude to someone who maybe doesnt know how grateful i am. I’ve never been shy of saying thanks – i hope most of my friends and family kno how grateful i am for their love, friendship and time. With that in mind, i am going to spend sometime trying to remember those people who are probably unaware of the magnitude of their effect on my life. So please forgive me if it takes a little time before i pass on details regarding number 41′s journey.

I’m sure yiou know how grateful i am for how you have given me the tools knowledge and confidence to choose how i look after my body – specifically my dodgy neck and shoulder, the space you give me to take time out and the time we get to share and reflect on thoughts and experiences. But in case you didn’t……

GR11 Lucy Pearce email uploaded by me:- Hi Leiza, I sent rock number 11 to a friend of mine, Romila, who lives in mid Devon. I am particularly grateful to her for sharing her love of Egypt with me and her adventurous spirit! We went on 2 adventures together in Egypt, one on the Nile, and one cross country and in the desert. These adventures gave me access to a whole new world. Thankyou. Lucy xxxxxxxxxxxxx

GR33 Phil Allen comment. Every retired front row forward needs a friend who is a chiropractor – I guess I am one of the lucky ones!  I am not being critical but Tim (Jones) before me?  My wife is number 37 and she’s only known you 5 minutes! Any way thank you very much. Phil (number 33)

GR38 Email received from Emma and loaded by me. Hi Leiza, Thanks for the gratitude rock….I love the idea its amazing – who knows where they could end up, Its so true that we are all more connected than we could ever believe (have you heard of the siz degrees of kevin bacon….google it, its quite good!). I have sent my rock to my friend Amanda. Amanda lives on the isle of Portland (Dorset) with her partner and two georgous boys, George and Joseph. We have been friends our whole lives. Our lives have taken us along different paths with so many twists and turns, some sharp or bitter, others mellow, while some just meandered along letting us pause to admire the beauty of home together, even if for a short time. I am grateful that we came into eachothers lives and stayed in eachothers lives. Thanks for the rock, Emma

GR34 Mandy Flinter, Bristol, UK – I give this rock to you Jason, my wonderful husband – I am so grateful to have been with you for the last 26 years – you are the love of my life, now and always.x

GR34 Mandy Flinter comment to Leiza – Hi Leiza – I’m really chuffed you gave me this rock, thank you for letting me be part of this experience. I have listened to you and Jason evolve over the last 9 years and what you have produced recently is your best yet. I really enjoyed being part of Alpaz with you and Jason particularly our NSPCC gig where we played to 150 people. Playing with you both had such a positive impact on my life – it gave so much confidence to go on and try other drumming opportunities. I still have my rock and will be passing it on very soon. Thanks again. x

GR39 Bahiya to Louise.  Dear Louise, I have forwarded Gratitude Rock 39 to thank you for all the warmth and love you have given me over so many years. You have been one of the few constants in my life and I am overwhelmed with admiration for all you have achieved. Thank you for always being there; for all the laughs as well as a few tears along the way – I wouldn’t have missed it for all the world. Much love, Dad xx


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