GR Updates – April 2012

30 Apr

Hey Gratitude Rockers

Here are your beautiful comments made in April 2012.  Thank you so much for keeping this wave of gratitude alive.  You Rock! Love Leizax

GR80 Ruth Butcher (Chubb) (Bournemouth, UK) Message to Catrin Taylor (Canberra, Australia)

Dear Cat,  We have been friends since we met at Northwell House when we started Bristol University together more than 10 years ago. How time flies. I am sending you this gratitude rock in recognition of my gratitude to you for so many things.

Over the years our friendship has evolved and grown. We have lived together, worked together, laughed together, walked and talked our way up mountains, down valleys and beside the sea, we have swum, sat at the beach hut, sat on sofas, eaten chocolate cake and pancakes, debated religion and ethics, laughed and giggled, explored Paris and Cyprus, fed ducks, shared theatre trips and friends, chocolate, ideas and advice. We have skyped, exchanged letters and emails, shared each others joys and worrys in some many ways. I could go on and on…

I am particularly grateful that distance has not adversely affected our friendship. I still feel that you are there for me, and I hope that you know that I am still here for you.  Here’s to many many more years of a wonderfully evolving and growing friendship.  Lots of love from Ruth

GR53 Ian (Bristol)  Dearest Leiza, I am very pleased and honoured to have been sent one of our inspirational gratitude rocks, number 53, especially as I know how long this must have taken to do as a project, but the simple ideas are often the best ones and are often worth the effort, and this simple idea is just so typical of you – thoughtful, loving, and always thinking of others.  I am thinking of you lots today as I watch on tv the tens of thousands of runners having fun and raising money for charities by running in the London marathon and I am glad, if even in some small way, I may have helped in your training and motivation towards the huge achievement of training to complete the 26 tough miles, and now I am looking forward to hearing all about it.  Thank you Leiza for being a dear friend, you are one of the best and a ‘rock’ that inspires us all!  Love Ian xxxxx
PS I was tempted to keep the rock as it means a lot to me, but then i realised that by passing it on I will make someone else feel special too, so I have a person in mind and it will be forwarded with love shortly

GR40 Mette (Bristol)  Hi Leiza, thank firstly for your kind and loving words, you know it is the response I get from you and every lovely funny quirky interesting person I meet that makes an open heart possible.  When I received your gratitude rock I wondered what this number was going to tell of stories, 40 being such a spiritual number. Interestingly, having just received this rock, I landed on a programme about old tribes of africa, and the word Ndugu rang in my head. It wasn’t part of the programme so I googled it; it means ‘brother’ or ‘we are all one’. Wauw, what an amazing first message from your 40th rock. I have treasured this rock as a source of reflection – thank you for bringing this about.  I will let you know when your rock travels on.  Much love  Mette

GR63 Ruth (Bristol) to Donna    Hi Donna…. I received this lovely gratitude rock and words from Leiza, who first introduced us, so it seems appropriate that I send it on to you. Thank you for your support, friendship, inspiring energy and passion for life. I admire your ongoing quest for knowledge, insight and understanding, and look forward to many more years of friendship. Ruth xx

GR26 Saghi Zarbafi (Bristol, UK) to Kevin Greenleaves (Bristol, UK).  Hi Kevin, Here is your Gratitude Rock! Thank you for your being my first Client and for gifting me the opportunity to start out on my own. Thank you also for your unfailing patience and for being a great teacher. I’ve learnt alot about myself as well and how to handle different situations and different people. Your trust and belief in me has helped build my confidence and my business couldn’t have been the success it is today without your help. Thanks also for your counsel as a friend and for taking me horse riding last weekend and reminding me that I have muscles in places I had forgotten existed!  Saghi x

GR62 Jonathan Cooksey ….Hi Leiza. I thank you with my whole heart for the gift of the Gratitude Rock and your kind and nurturing words.  I have chosen to offer the rock to two very close friends Johnny and Leolie and thier beautiful bright children. I wish to thank them for keeping me grounded and showing me the beauty in life even when times are challenging. with Love, Light and a huge Hug … j:-) xx

GR67 … or ” 2 short of a really good time” as someone pointed out recently. I was surprised, amazed and delighted to get my pock in the post .. I feel very undeserving of anyone’s gratitude but especially some one who I look up to as a high achiever like the ever-young Miss Alpass ..  I’m glad to have had a very small influence in getting her to start a sport in which she very quickly rose to the very top ..Captain of the GB team.  As soon as I’ve found someone else deserving, (or who is 2 short of a very good time) I’ll be shipping this rock on poste haste.  Thanks Weezer from Id

GR14  Karen Chubb sent to my good friend Mary Marsh in Christchurch, Dorset. To say thank you for reminding me to not do everything for everybody without remembering that I need Me Time to keep strong and well.  Reflexology has been a life saver for me and Mary has given me more than just a treatment.

GR100  Wow!!! It has been an incredible journey watching the posts for the 100 Gratitude rocks going out across the world to all the people that have touched and brought joy to Leiza’s life, many of the same people have brought so much to me and enhanced my life too.   It has been so touching hearing all the stories and knowing that a wave of gratitude has started and I am sure will travel over eons now touching the hearts and lives of many.  Leiza I am so grateful for the love and energy you have given to create such a beautiful movement of positive energy. Thank you beautiful friend and nameste.  Hazel x


One Response to “GR Updates – April 2012”

  1. Cat May 10, 2012 at 11:57 pm #

    I reeived my beautiful Gratitude Rock (80) from Ruth last night on my return from a week away from home, all the way from Bournemouth to Canberra, Australia, and the message brought tears to my eyes. Thank you, Ruth, and thank you Leiza for starting this, it’s a wonderful, wonderful idea. I will pass mine on very soon!

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