Gratitude Rocks Update – May 2012

31 May

Hey Gratitude Rockers

Yes, your gratitude rocks are still rocking and rolling…… here are the comments made in May 2012.  Yours, very gratefully, Leizax

GR4 – Jane Russell – Location Epsom UK to Kate Stuart – Location Bristol UK – Gratitude Rock No 4.  Thank you even lovelier lady for always being there 24/7, 365 days of the year to share my highs and lows, for being a shoulder to cry on and for helping me find myself again. More, most and forever xx

GR78. Diane to Dear Lee, You have been a wonderful friends or adopted daughter, always taking time to phone and check I am well, You are thoughtful and kind and you always find time to invite friends to one of your home cooked feasts.You are a magnificent mother and it is always my pleasure to spend time with Jazz, she is polite and gentle with a magical giggle. I admire the way in which you took time from your hectic life, ensuring your Mother had the best of everything on her long and pain full journey, followed by caring for your father, and you still remember them in thoughtful ways with flowers. Your strength of character is remarkable. Your personality’s is funny, you are always chirpy and it is my great pleasure to be included in your life… Diane

GR2 Thank you Martin for passing the rock on to me. You have always been there for me as my brother and my friend and I appreciate you thinking of me when you passed the rock on. You have always been such a big part of my life, we have shared so many happy times together and some sad times and there will always be a deep bond between us. I wish you such happiness in the next phase of your journey through this life and I will be there to help you when you need me. I will pass the rock on to Carolyn who you know and who has been another great influence in my life. I love her to bits like I do you and I thank her for being such a great friend, the best..and you for being the best

GR80 I recived my beautiful Gratitude Rock (80) from Ruth last night on my return from a week away from home, all the way from Bournemouth to Canberra, Australia, and the message brought tears to my eyes. Thank you, Ruth, and thank you Leiza for starting this, it’s a wonderful, wonderful idea. I will pass mine on very soon!

GR22 S.Ambrogio (Italy) for Hazel

Dear Amazing Soul, wonderfull spirit, beautifull woman thank you so much.
Thank you for all you brought in my life in all the time we have beeing togheter.
I do not have word ( even less in english ) to thank you deeply for your ispiring presence, loving heart, shinigh mind, deep intelligenze, fantastich sense of humor and divine action.
There are so many amazing quality that i discovered in you in this years that thanks to your presence made me a better man.
I thank you for: (I will write in Italian…so will be written correctly )

Per i tuoi sorrisi, per le tue risate,
per la tua pazzia, per le camminate, per le sciate,
per le notti di gioia e passione,per la tua intelligenza,
per la tua umanità, per la tua accoglienza, per il tuo calore,
per la tua femminilità, per la tua forza, per il tuo perzioso aiuto,
per il tuo sostegno nei momenti difficili,
per avermi insegnato Walk your Talk,
per la tua professionalità, per le vacanze che mi hai fatto fare, per le cene passate insieme,
per il bollitore e gli spugnini,
per i fantastici regali,
per la tua bellezza (dentro e fuori)
per il tuo coraggio, per la tua fede,per la tua visione della vita,
per la tua caparbiretà, per il tuo senso di giustizia e per la tua sensibilità,
per i tuoi occhi le tue mani e i tuoi baci
per la tua autorevolezza
per la tua simpatia
per la tua cultura
per la tua attenzione verso di me
per le tue riflessioni
per le nostre discussioni
per i tuoi sogni e per la tua capacità di realizzarli
per il concerto che mi hai regalato
e per la tua saggezza
e per tutto cio che sai che ti ho detto e qui non ripeterò

Thank you for you beeing you,
for all you do and for the love you share
for beeing so special and so unique
from the eternity to the eternity
love and gratitude

GR60 Will Alpass Buenos Aires to Edd Hammond Oakham
Thanks Lydia for this rock, I am super stoked to have received this rock from you and to have an opportunity to express my love and gratitude from you. You are a shining ball of light and yumminess in my world and you never cease to amaze me with your ability to connect with people from such diverse backgrounds and from such genuine bonds and to make people feel comfortable and inspired. Thank you!
To Edd, Thanks brother for being there to remind me what it is to not take shit too seriously and not take myself to seriously. In the 15 years that I have known you, you have had a profound effect on my being and vibe. I praise you for your love of life, your willingness to embrace all that is and help steer me in the right direction at my times of need. Your enthusiasm and ability to connect with people rubs off on everyone you meet. I have seen you walk into a number of different social situations and you are nothing but love and vibe in all of them and I am grateful to have witnessed that and to be with you in those times.
Most of all I am grateful for your ability to make me laugh and to share that laughter with those you encounter. I can’t wait till our paths cross again in the physical dimension.
The lion and the wolf will be reunited soon.
Namastae bro xxx

Where and whenever possible, please encourage everyone to sign up to the updates and forward their gratitude rocks onwards.   Let our hearts sing with the music of gratitude every moment of every day.   Let love and light by your path,  Leizax


When you receive or send a gratitude rock, share your story here. Remember to include your gratitude rock number, your location and if you wish the names of those you wish to acknowledge for their contribution to you....... Remember to 'tick the box' below to receive future comments on your rock.

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