Gratitude Rocks Update July 2012

30 Jul

Hello Gratitude Rockers

I am so excited to be writing the July update because during this month, Gratitude Rock No 99 has re-surfaced! This is the gratitude rock I left on a bench on The Downs. How cool is this……

GR99 Hello! My name is Kate Marks, and I’ve been given gratitude rock #99. One of my best friends had been to Bristol for a day trip with her family, and decided to go for a walk on the Downs, where she found it on a bench. I hadn’t seen her for about 6 months as we are both at university, and when we met at our favourite pub in Exeter, she was carrying a package. Bumbling with excitement she gave it to me, explaining that she had found it on the Bristol Downs, and that when she saw it she thought of me. I’m very happy that she is in my life, and despite being only 21 and 20, we mean alot to each other, and I’m sure we will be enriching our lives for many years to come. Thankful that the rock, for us, has symbolised this gratitude, and am excited to see what it comes to represent for others.

I will be giving it to someone who means alot to me, and taught me alot about community, love, forgiveness and friendship. I wander where her journey will take her.  Kate Marks

I am so happy to know that these gratitude rocks are still circulating, here is another wonderful gratitude rock story which involves gratitude rock number 2 and gratitude rock number 82 that have both travelled around and ended up in the hands of the same person! Here is the journey as I understand it…..

I gave GR2 to my mum, Koko, she gave it to her friend Martin, he gave it to his sister, Josette and you may remember, Josette wrote this…..

‘Thank you Martin for passing the rock on to me. You have always been there for me as my brother and my friend and I appreciate you thinking of me when you passed the rock on. You have always been such a big part of my life, we have shared so many happy times together and some sad times and there will always be a deep bond between us. I wish you such happiness in the next phase of your journey through this life and I will be there to help you when you need me. I will pass the rock on to Carolyn who you know and who has been another great influence in my life. I love her to bits like I do you and I thank her for being such a great friend, the best..and you for being the best

Part two of the story….  I gave GR82 to James who I work with, he gave it to his soon to be mother in law, Jude, she gave it to her best friend, who turned out to be Martin’s sister, Josette! Amazingly, Jude, Josette and myself were all at James’ wedding a few weeks ago and didn’t know the gratitude rock connection.

What I see from this story is that we are all so connected and every word of thanks we share brings more love and connection between us.

Keep your 100 gratitude rock stories coming.

With love and gratitude.




When you receive or send a gratitude rock, share your story here. Remember to include your gratitude rock number, your location and if you wish the names of those you wish to acknowledge for their contribution to you....... Remember to 'tick the box' below to receive future comments on your rock.

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