Gratitude Rocks Update August 2012

31 Aug

Hey Gratitude Rockers

Thank you so much for being a part of the journey of  ‘100 Gratitude Rocks‘ that are now somewhere on planet earth!    Today, I was wondering what to share in this month’s update.   My thoughts focusing on the Olympic and Paralympic games – how grateful I feel to be alive at this time.  Witnessing these moments of courage, determination, excellence and feeling the love and unity all around.  So many people involved, the sportsmen and women, gamesmakers, coaches and support teams, spectators, team mates, organisers, commentators and of course us, the general public.  What wonderful values the Olympic movement stands for; respect, excellence, friendship, courage, determination, equality and inspiration – loving it!  Below are this months’ reported gratitude rocks movements…..

Yours very gratefully.  Leiza

GR99 received from Kate Marks on the 29th July 2012 in the Imperial Pub, Exeter by Fran Lloyd and moving on to Sarah Owen.  So yesterday Kate gave me Gratitude Rock #99, and I was so touched! We have both said over the past year how much we appreciate each other’s friendship, and I have to say that when I read the information card I just wanted to give the rock straight back to her… But then I knew that it would never get very far!
To say that Kate has become one of my best friends doesn’t quite cut it – to put it simply, she puts a smile on my face whenever I think about her, and she has changed my way of thinking about the world and myself in such a wonderfully positive way that has made me extremely grateful to have such a fantastic person in my life.
I was thinking over all the people in my life who I am grateful to (for whatever reason – there are many), when I thought of Sarah Owen, and it just clicked that she was the one who just HAS to have this little token of gratitude. This lovely lady has been a huge part in my life as a co-worker, mentor and best friend, and I appreciate all of what she has been and is in my life.
To both of you wonderful people. thank you, and keep this thing going!
Fran xxx

GR75  William from Peter.  Dear limping Road Runner aka Peter, beep beep. Thanks for sharing gratitude rock 75 with me. I’m a lucky man too for your friendship which started in 2009 on our Colpi training. You inspired me by sneaking off to treat yourself to a steak when you were fed up with the veggie food & your amazing representative skills. You even survived being my super ego in a constellation, almost a fat worse than death! Seriously Peter, you’re seriously bright, highly impressive as a Coach & business man and most importantly loving and affectionate as a friend. Love, William
Tortoise trying to keep up with limping Road Runner.

Wishing you much to be grateful for every minute.  Love Leizax


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