Gratitude Rocks Update December 2012

31 Dec

Hey Gratitude Rockers, here is your ‘100 Gratitude Rocks’ update for December 2012.  No reported rock movements this month so instead another opportunity for me to reflect on and talk about all the things I am incredibly grateful for in 2012.

For me, this year has been a year of highs and lows.  Running the London Marathon in April was an amazing journey, painful yet heart opening with so much support from spectators, including my mum, who was there in my worst moment, when I was thinking I would have to quit.  Later this year, I lost my mum unexpectedly in an accident – an obvious low point, yet so grateful for the love we shared and the spectacular send off that then took place, celebrating her life and showing me and my family how much my mum had given to so many in her short life time.  A real wake up call for me to be in action and create the ‘life I love’.  Thank you mum for all that you have given me.  With this new ‘get on with it’ attitude, I am very grateful and proud that this year I have also started up a new clinic with the incredible support of friends, family and patients who have encouraged me.

Thank you to everyone who has listened, encouraged, supported, loved and reminded me I have wings when I have forgotten how to fly.

With a huge hug, love and good wishes to everyone in 2013.  May your dreams come true and may you have much to be grateful for.

Yours gratefully……… Leiza x


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