Start your own Gratitude Rocks Community

Following the success of the 100 Gratitude Rocks Project, many people have asked me how to get hold of more ‘gratitude rocks’ to send out to the people in their lives to say ‘thank you’.  So if you are one of those people, I have written this page for you.  Below is the information you need.  I have modified the words used on my information leaflet that went with each of the original 100 ‘rocks’ so that you can start a new wave of gratitude in your part of the world.

1.  Collect your rocks (get permission if needed).

2.  Paint the word ‘gratitude’ on each rock.

3.  Prepare the information card to go with each rock with the following words….

“Gratitude ‘Rocks’ are making a journey of thanks around the world, reminding us how lucky we truly are for the people who share our lives.  You have been given this Gratitude Rock because the person who gave it to you wants you to know they are full of gratitude for the part you have played in their life.  Now it’s your turn…!

Become part of this amazing project by giving your Gratitude Rock (and this information card) to someone you feel grateful for having been a part of your life and keep the wave of gratitude going.  There may be many people you can send your rock to so just go for the first person you thought of.  The important thing is to send it as soon as possible to keep the wave moving.  The rocks in and of themselves have no value, it is in the giving and receiving where the magic takes place.

Follow and be part of the Gratitude Rocks Community at: or email and share your gratitude rock story (your name & location) so we can keep a record of the rocks as they pass from person to person and from country to country.   Thank you for being a part of the Gratitude Rocks project.”

4.  Place the rock with the information card (I laminated mine and also put a photograph of the rock on the reverse of the card) in an envelop.

5.  Send your rocks to the people who you are grateful for having been a part of your life.

6.  Visit the 100 Gratitude Rocks website at and write something about who you sent your rock to, who they are for you, where in the world they live and perhaps a little about why you are grateful for that person being a part of your life.

7.  Get ready for feeling good!

Good Luck


PS.  When I say ‘rocks’ I mean large pebbles – big enough to write the word ‘gratitude’ on!

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