What to do when you receive a Gratitude Rock

Thank you for Visiting this Blog:- 100 Gratitude Rocks is a project created to send a wave of happiness around the world in the form of  a ‘thank you’.

FIRST – SIGN UP:- Signing up is easy and will allow you to follow the story of the  gratitude rocks on their journey – go on, it’s fun!

SECOND – ADD YOUR PART OF THE GRATITUDE ROCK STORY:- Each rock is numbered 1 to 100.  When you receive or send one of the Gratitude Rocks you are invited to share your part of the gratitude rock story in the ‘comment’ section below the post of your Gratitude Rock.   Remember to include your Gratitude Rock number, your location and if you wish the names of those you wish to acknowledge for their contribution to you so that we can keep a track of the rocks as they move from person to person.

Alternatively, you can email me on livingwithpassion@live.co.uk or contact me by phone 07973 466805 so I can do it for you.

The person who gave you your Gratitude Rock did so because they want you to know that you made a difference to them and they are grateful for the part you have played in their life.    The rocks in and of themselves have no value, it is in the giving and receiving where the magic takes place.

Remember, you can find out who sent you your Gratitude Rock and why and then follow the progress of your Gratitude Rock by signing up to receive further comments (tick ‘notify me of follow-up comments’ when you input a ‘comment’).  You can also sign up to receive further posts from the Gratitude Rock Blog (see the right-hand side of the page).   You will receive a ‘I am happy to subscribe to this blog’ email (which may appear in your junk/spam mail) in order to sign up.

If  you are a visitor to this blog and have not received a Gratitude Rock, you can still sign up and be a part of this amazing story and add your comments too.

If you are having trouble finding your rock you can go to ‘The Rocks’ page and click on the photo of your rock or you can go to the right hand side of the page where it says ‘Find Your Rock’ and click on the relevant month and track your rock that way.

Thank you for being a part of the journey of 100 Gratitude Rocks.

Leiza Alpass

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